T5 Liberty Chalice Pencak Silat International

By United States Sports Silat Association (other events)

Fri, Sep 1 2023 5:00 PM MDT Mon, Sep 4 2023 6:00 PM MDT

The T5 Liberty Chalice International Pencak Silat Tournament aims to foster cultural exchange, sportsmanship, and personal development among the participants. This event serves as a significant platform for both experienced athletes and aspiring talents to showcase their skills, while also promoting a sense of unity and understanding among diverse cultures.

By hosting this tournament in Weld County, we can provide our local youth with a big picture target and goal to strive for. This event will encourage them to embrace the values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork while engaging in healthy competition. Moreover, it will contribute to their personal growth, enhance their physical fitness, and nurture their passion for martial arts.

United States Sports Silat Association